Matt Ball
Agroecology research, in the context of climate change.


I am currently a soil science PhD student at the University of Alberta. I hold a main focus on agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and related climate change resilience. My research primarily involves working with both greenhouse gas flux data alongside mathematical ecosystem and crop models to inform the sustainable management of agroecosystems.

Research Interests

Improving understandings of greenhouse gas emissions from agroecosystems, alongside climate change impacts on agriculture itself. Primarily focused on nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emissions from perennial crops in the context of varying agricultural management techniques - notably, the application of differing nitrogen fertilisers and inhibitors. Alongside, evaluation of the standalone impacts of such management techniques - mainly focusing upon crop yield and soil health. All appreciated within the overarching context of a warming climate, with projected climate change impacts on varying soil types and crops also being of notable interest.

Numerical climate modelling on global to local scales, working with GCMs and RCMs where appropriate. Working primarily with downscaled CMIP5/6 climate projections and evaluating climate conditions under the different SSPs. Primarily applied to determining key future agricultural factors on regional to national scales. With modelled projections of said climate variables serving as key inputs in crop and ecosystem modelling (i.e. DSSAT and DNDC models).


Research photos

A short collection of photos of past research, both in the field and the lab.